HZ : A Natural Cure for Cachexia And Cancer

The real culprit behind 3 out of every 4 cancer deaths is a syndrome called cachexia (pronounced “ka-kek-see-ah”).

And if you or someone you love is battling cancer…you would do well to do further research and your own due diligence, but you can’t afford to ignore it!

And you definitely can’t afford to ignore what could very well be the only natural compound that stops this stealth killer in its tracks :

Hydrazine Sulphate a/k/a Hydrazine Sulfate a/k/a “HZ”

Studies from some of the top cancer research facilities in the world, including Petrov Research Institute of Oncology in St. Petersburg, Russia and Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, showed that not only is HZ completely safe … but it may very well be the only treatment on earth that gives terminal cancer patients a second chance at life.

Not only does it wipe out cachexia, studies show that HZ:

o Takes control of cancer and keeps it from spreading
o Halts — even reverses — tumor growth. In fact, it…
o Shrinks tumors up to HALF their original size

And it doesn’t subject you to any of the toxic side effects caused by chemo and radiation.

Not not a light read, but here’s a link with a lot of comprehensive information on HZ and cachexia to get you started on your road back to health without cancer :



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